Electrical & Instrumentation Construction Services Pvt. Ltd
Who We Are
E&ICS - Electrical & Instrumentation Construction Services, is a proud partner of KEY Automation – Karachi, serving the E&I field successfully from more than two decades. Having extensive exposure, knowledge, teamwork, and an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics, E&ICS is well equipped and specialized to fulfill all electrical and instrumentation needs.

Electrical and Instrumentation Construction Services Pvt Ltd. Is regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.


E&ICS aims, to become the foremost yet steadfast, name for all E&I related works in all the pertinent fields of the industry and building works. 

We aspire that our partners, associates
and clients take E&ICS as central to their success.

Thus, we strive and aim to keep anticipating their needs and deliver on every commitment E&ICS makes.

With experience of the top management and down through the organizational hierarchy, we focus to achieve
Eminence, Precision and Quality,
hence the Business Motto of E&ICS.​


  1. -Switchgears. -Distribution Transformer. -Other Panels/Boards. -Plant Lightning & Protection. -Fire & Gas System, CCTV. -Tank Gauging. -Cable Tray & Condueting. -Junction Box. -Process Instruments. -Cable Laying of HV, LV, Control -Instrument impulse.
  2. Fabrication & Installation of mounting supports for : -Cable trays. -Instruments. -Junction box. -Panels and / or Boards.
  3. -Instrument Calibration. -Loop checking. -Cable Testing. -Earth Testing. -Assistance in Pre Commissioning and Commissioning
  4. E&ICS, Supplies skilled and experienced man-power to occupy the following requirements: -Supervisors. -E&I QA/QC. -Industrial Electricians. -Instrument Technicians. -E&I Fitters. -Cable Puller / Skilled Helper.